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Past Events

Guest editor for: the FMSD journal (special issue on Learning Techniques for Compositional Reasoning); the IET Software journal (special issue on Automated Compositional Verification: Techniques, Applications and Empirical Studies); the Science of Computer Programming journal (special issue on FACS), the STTT journal (special issue on SPIN), Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (special issue on Formal Methods in Aerospace: Techniques from Logic, Mathematics and AI), Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering: a NASA Journal (special issue on NFM).

ISSTA'10 Tutorial on Automated Testing with Java PathFinder. Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair for ASE'10. ISoLA'10 Track Organizer -- Learning Techniques for Software Verification and Validation. LNCS SPIN'09 Proceedings. Program chair for SPIN'09 , co-chair for NFM'09. Lectures at UC Berkeley. Program co-chair for FACS'08. Chair of Haifa Verification Award Committee (HVC'08). JPF Workshop (May 1-2, 2008). JPF in Google Summer of Code 2008. ICSE'08 Tutorial on Compositional Verification.

Program committee member for: ISSTA'15, ASE'15, NFM'15, TACAS'15, SEFM'15, ASE'14, CAV'14, TACAS'14, SEFM'14, FACS'14, ICTAC'14, HVC'14, FMICS'13, TACAS'13, CAV'13, ESEC/FSE'13, ASE'13, NFM'13, FACS'13, BYTECODE'13, CSTVA'13, ICSE-MP'13, FACS'12 (program co-chair), ISSTA'12, SPIN'12, NFM'12, FSE'12 (New Ideas), ISOLA'12, CSTVA'12, VMCAI'12, VSTTE'12, ESEC/FSE'11, ISSTA'11, FASE'11, SPIN'11, VVPS'11, NFM'11, VMCAI'11, FACS'11, ASE'11 (program co-chair), ASE'10, SPIN'10, RV'10, ISSTA'10 (tool/demo), NFM'10, EMSOFT'10, FACS'10, ICSE'09, FACS'09, FMICS'09, EMSOFT'09, ASE'09 (expert review panel), AFM'09, FTfJP'09, AFM'08, ICCP'08, CONCUR'08, ASE'08, SPIN'08, FSE'08, ISSTA'08, CAV'08, ICSE'08, ISEC'08, FACS'07, ICCP'07, ESEC-FSE'07, SPIN'07, BLISS'07, ISSTA'07, ASE'07 (expert review panel), CAV'06, FSE'06, ICCP'06, SAVCBS'06, SAVCBS'05, ICSE'04 Tutorials.

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