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Khalil Michael Dalal is a member of the Planning and Scheduling group, where his principal work is applied research and development of automation technology for spacecraft and aircraft operations, in the form of software onboard the craft as well as in ground support tools. His current and recent projects include the Resource Prospector lunar rover, EDSN and Nodes nanosatellites, and PLEXIL, a plan execution language and executive. Previously, he was a developer of the Apex intelligent agent system and the MIDAS human/machine simulation environment. Prior to joining NASA, Mike held software engineering positions at Reasoning Systems, Xerox, and ExamGen. He has a BS in Computer Science from Syracuse University, and a prior degree concentrated in Music.


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M. Freed, P. Bonasso, K. M. Dalal, W. Fitzgerald, and R. Harris, "An Architecture for Intelligent Management of Aerial Observation Missions," presented at Proceedings of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Arlington, Virginia, 2005.

J. D. Smith, B. F. Gore, K. M. Dalal, R. Boyle, "Optimizing Biology Research Tasks in Space using Human Performance Modeling and Virtual Reality Simulation Systems here on Earth," in 32nd International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), 2002.

S. G. Hart, D. Dahn, A. Atencio, K. M. Dalal, "Evaluation and Application of MIDAS v2.0," Proceedings of the 2001 Aerospace Congress, SAE International, 2001.


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