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Patents for Richard M. Keller

  • R.M. Keller, T.L. Panontin, R.E. Carvalho, I Sturken, J.F. Williams, S.R. Wolfe, Y.O. Gawdiak, "Multi-User Investigation Organizer", Patent # US 7,590,606 B1, September 15, 2009.

Publications for Richard M. Keller

  • A.Vennesland, R.M. Keller, C.G.Schuetz, E. Gringinger, and B. Neumayr, "Matching Ontologies for Air Traffic Management: A Comparison and Reference Alignment of the AIRM and NASA ATM Ontologies", Fourteenth International Workshop on Ontology Matching, Auckland, October 2019, in press.

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  • R.M. Keller, ”Data Integration Using the NASA Air Traffic Management Ontology”, presented at the Semantic Web for Air Transportation Workshop (SWAT-2015), Washington, DC, swim/governance/servicesemantics/media/NASA%20ATM
    %20Ontology%20for%20SWAT%20revised.pdf, August 2015.

  • R.M. Keller, ”NASA's ATM Ontology”, presented at the Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference (ATIEC-2015), Silver Spring, MD, FAA and EUROCONTROL, imce/library/ATIEC_2015/38_day3_nasas_ atm_ontology_semantic_integration_and_querying_ across_nas_data_sources.pdf, August 2015.

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