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Jeffrey Marshall

Jeffrey Marshall joined the NASA Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab -- QuAIL -- in January 2019 after working with the group during the summer of 2018, and having completed a PhD in Physics at The University of Southern California.


Jeffrey holds a first class Bachelors and Masters degree in Mathematics & Physics (2012) from The University of Warwick (UK), as well as an MSc in Computer Science (2018) with specialization in high performance computing, from The University of Southern California. Marshall's primary research focus has been in open quantum systems -- in particular dissipation engineering -- from the perspective of quantum computation and quantum information, obtaining a PhD in the topic in 2019.


At QuAIL, Jeffrey focuses on open systems approaches to quantum annealing, gate modeling, QAOA, and algorithms, relying on both theory and simulation.


Jeffrey Marshall
Associate Scientist, Quantum
NASA Ames Research Center

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