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Ignacio G. López-Francos

Ignacio is a Senior Research Engineer with the Robust Software Engineering (part of the Intelligent Systems Division, TI) at the NASA Ames Research Center. His research focuses on the development of an autonomous and versatile planetary rover platform. Currently, he is also supporting VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) mission through the development of ML-based tools to enhance lunar orbital imagery. Prior to joining TI group, he worked as an AI Research Scientist at the Space Portal Office, where he focused on exploring and developing AI applications in support of NASA's science objectives. He has a hybrid background in engineering and computer science and over 8 years of industry experience at companies such as Facebook and United Airlines.

Recent Publications

V. Bickel, B. Moseley, and I. López-Francos, “HORUS - Revealing the Geomorphology of Lunar Shadowed Regions”, in AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2021

V. Bickel, B. Moseley, I. López-Francos, et al, “Peering into lunar permanently shadowed regions with deep learning”, in Nature Communications, 2021

B. Moseley, V. Bickel, I. López-Francos, Extreme Low-Light Image Denoising Over Permanently Shadowed Lunar Regions with a Physical Noise Formation Model, in Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021

J. Vallejo, and I. López-Francos, “Dangers & Benefits of AI in Our Society”, in Ciencias Magazine #134, 2020

B. Moseley, V. Bickel, I. López-Francos, L. Rana, Low-Light Image Enhancement of Permanently Shadowed Lunar Regions with Physics-Based Machine Learning, in Machine Learning & the Physical Sciences Workshop @ NeurIPS, 2020

D. Garcia, G. Mateo-Garcia, I. Lopez-Francos, et al, Dynamic Hydrology Maps from Satellite-LiDAR fusion, in AI for Earth Sciences Workshop @ NeurIPS, 2020 (Oral)


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