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Jeremy Frank, Group Lead

Position and Bio

I am an employee of NASA at NASA Ames Research Center. I work in Code TI in the Autonomous Systems and Robotics area, and am Group Lead of the Planning and Scheduling Group.

I completed my PhD in Computer Science at U.C. Davis. I also have a BA in Mathematics from [Pomona College]( and a MS in Computer Science from U.C. Davis. My academic interests include Artificial Intelligence, particularly planning, scheduling and combinatorial optimization and search. My recreational interests include ceramics, photography, cooking, story readings, gaming, mathematics, and history. I am married with 2 children.

Current Projects

I am the Principal Investigator of the Automation for Operations (A4O) project. The project builds advanced prototypes for manned spaceflight mission operations, in preparation for the next generation of lunar exploration.

Past Projects

Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems

Automated Flight Planning for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)

Game Theoretic Scheduling of Deep Space Network

Extensible Universal Remote Operations Architecture (EUROPA)


This link leads to a list of my publications.


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Apocrypha As a consequence of some old family history, I could be known as Dr. Frankenstein.

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Dr. Jeremy Frank

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