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David Bushnell

I am a member of the Robust Software Engineering group in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames. My employer is AerospaceComputing, Inc.

Selected Publications:

  • Corina S. Pasareanu, Willem Visser, David Bushnell, Jaco Geldenhuys, Peter Mehlitz, Neha Rungta: "Symbolic PathFinder: Integrating Symbolic Execution with Model Checking for Java Bytecode Analysis", Automated Software Engineering Journal, Springer, 2013.

  • Mateus Borges, Marcelo D'Amorim, Saswat Anand, David Bushnell and Corina Pasareanu: "Symbolic Execution with Interval Constraint Solving and Meta-Heuristic Search", ICST 2012.

  • Giannakopoulou, D., Bushnell, D., Schumann, J., Erzberger, H., Heere, K.: "Formal testing for separation assurance", Ann. Math. Artif. Intell. 63(1): 5-30 (2011).

  • Bushnell, D.: "Continuity Analysis of Floating Point Software", 4th International Workshop on Numerical Software Verification (NSV'2011), USA, July 2011.

  • A. Goodloe, C.S. Pasareanu, D. Bushnell, P. Miner: "A Test Generation Framework for Distributed Fault Tolerant Algorithms", AFM, 2009 (affiliated with CAV).

  • Bushnell, D., Giannakopoulou, D., Mehlitz, P., Paielli, R., Pasareanu, C.: "Verification and validation of air traffic systems: Tactical separation assurance," Aerospace conference, 2009 IEEE , vol., no., pp.1,10, 7-14 March 2009

  • Pasareanu, C., Mehlitz, P, Bushnell, D, Gundy-Burlet, K, Lowry, M., Suzette, P., Pape, M., “Combining unit-level symbolic execution and system-level concrete execution for testing NASA software”, Proc. of the International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, pgs. 15-26, 2008.

  • D. Bushnell, C. Pasareanu, R. Mackey: "Automatic Testcase Generation for Flight Software", NASA Planetary Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop, New Orleans, 2008 (poster).

  • Sierhuis, M., Clancey, W.J., Seah, C., Acquisti, A., Bushnell, D., Damer, B., Dorighi, N., Edwards, L., Faithorn, L., Flueckiger, L., van Hoof, R., Lees, D., Nandkumar, A., Neukom, C., Scott, M., Sims, M., Wales, R., Wang, S.-Y., Wood, J., Zhang, B.: Agent-based Mission Modeling and Simulation. In: Agent Directed Simulation 2006; part of the 2006 Spring Simulation Multiconference, Huntsville, AL (2006)


Robust Software Engineering Group
Intelligent Systems Division
Ames Research Center
Mail Stop 269-3
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Phone: 650-604-3163
Fax: 650-604-3594

Email: David.H.Bushnell "at"

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