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Aaron Lott works in the NASA Intelligent System Division (TI) under the NASA Academic Mission Service contract. He is currently a sr. scientist and program manager in the quantum computing group of the Research Institute of Advanced Computer Science (RIACS) at USRA.


Aaron has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation from the University of Maryland Collage Park. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where his research focused on analysis of binary alloys and developing fast solvers for models of fluid flow, including incompressible fluid flows, applications in ground water simulation and atmospheric climate simulation. Prior to joining QuAIL, Aaron worked as Director of product management and senior applied research scientist at D-Wave systems where he worked on development of the D-Wave 2X, D-Wave 2000Q hardware and software features as well as several research projects in optimization, machine learning and materials science.


Aaron is involved in several research projects involving various quantum architectures and algorithms. His focus is in helping the QuAIL team plan and execute objectives in theory, optimization, machine learning, compilation & benchmarking requirements for providing potential quantum advantage and accelerate quantum computing architecture development to impact computational challenges of industrial and public interest.

His current focus is supporting algorithm and architecture development for optimization, machine learning and simulation in collaborations with various government programs, universities and the private sector.

Selected Publications

An accelerated Picard method for nonlinear systems related to variably saturated flow, PA Lott, HF Walker, CS Woodward, UM Yang Advances in Water Resources 38, 92-101

Algorithmically scalable block preconditioner for fully implicit shallow-water equations in CAM-SE, PA Lott, CS Woodward, KJ Evans Computational Geosciences 19 (1), 49-61

Fast iterative solver for convection‐diffusion systems with spectral elements, PA Lott, H Elman, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 27 (2), 231-254

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