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I am a Senior Robotics Researcher in the Intelligent Robotics Group within the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center.

The rest of this page is fairly out of date.

For news on my current research, please visit my personal blog.

A CV and full list of publications is available here.

Dynamic Tensegrity Robotics Project Page.

My primary research interest is in understanding physical interaction with dynamic unstructured (natural) environments. As this is an area that biological systems are very successful at, my focus is on understanding human capability at manipulating and interacting with the world. Physical interaction with the world is ultimately about contact forces and how they propagate through the system and how they are controlled. There is emerging evidence that biological systems are primarily built on tensegrity principles, with forces distributing globally through the tension network. How to actively control such highly non-linear and distributed structures is inspiring my research into neuroscience and the emergence of coordinated order via the synchronization of oscillators. For more in-depth discussion on these topics see my personal blog and the Dynamic Tensegrity Robotics Project Page.

Exciting news: My proposal for a Tensegrity Lander Mission has been accepted by NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, and my colleague Adrian and I will be funded for much of FY2013 to dive even deeper into Tensegrity Robotics for space use!

A sampling of past projects that I have been involved in at NASA:

I am employed by Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.


A CV and full list of publications is available here.


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