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Save is a framework for implementing highly available network-accessible services. Save consists of a command-line utility and a small set of extensions for the existing Mon monitoring utility. Mon is a flexible command scheduler that has the ability to take various actions (called "alerts") depending on the exit conditions of the periodic commands (called "monitors") it executes. Save provides a set of monitors and alerts that execute within the Mon scheduler. The core monitor of Save provides heartbeat functionality so that passive servers can detect if the active server is still available. The core alert of Save provides the ability to give and take the service IP address using gratuitous ARP.

In addition to the Mon extensions, the Save command-line tool has a number of features. This tool provides an interface to control IP failover. In particular, the administrator can force the active node to yield the failover IP address, force the backup node to take over the failover IP address, or label a node as down so that it will not attempt to take over the failover IP address under any condition.

The command-line tool also controls the validation, archival, and synchronization features of Save. Validation is used to make sure that a configuration file conforms to some specified characteristics such as format before it is installed on other nodes. Archival is used to save a copy of the previous configuration if, for some reason, the new configuration results in errant behavior. Finally, synchronization features can be used to keep files consistent between the active and passive node(s) and/or to execute the same command across all nodes at once.

The configuration of the Save command-line tool determines what actions will be taken at which times. The administrator need only prepend the "save" command (i.e. the name of the tool) to any command and the appropriate actions will be taken if they are applicable. In this way, administrators can simply perform their normal tasks, such as editing files (e.g. "save vi /etc/config/file"), and Save will take care of checking validity, backing up old versions, and synchronizing files across systems if required. For files for which there are no specific actions defined within the Save configuration, the "save" command has no effect, which allows the administrator to safely prepend this to any command.


This software is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.3 or later.

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