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ROC Curve Code Augmentation

ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curve Code Augmentation was written by Rodney Martin and John Stutz at NASA Ames Research Center and is a modification of ROC Curve code originally authored by G.C. Cawley that provides additional functionality. The inclusion of more detailed bookkeeping of new and existing internal data structures that provide more visibility into various performance measures is one of the new features.

This code has evolved from a concatenation of both Gaven C.Cawley's ROC and AUROC codes. Some of the increased functionality is represented by error checking the dimensional consistency of input arguments, adding divide by zero protection and trivial end-points, and adding flagged code to distinguish alternate methods of handling the ambiguities that derive from identical values in sorting criteria. Furthermore, an option to adjust the input parameter to generate min or max AUC (Area Under the ROC curve) values is available, by using Matlab's magnitude/phase criteria for sorting imaginary numbers. Also, an option has been put in place to delete ambiguous steps from the ROC curve. Finally, various additional relevant statistics and performance measures are now generated as output arguments under a common structure, including computation of the ROC area (AUC), in addition to a an optional variant to compute the AUC based upon a predesignated max allowable false positive rate.


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