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XSearch Nominated for 2009 JSC Software Awards

The XSearch system was nominated for consideration as part of Johnson Space Center (JSC)’s 2009 Software Awards process. The nomination was submitted in response to a JSC-wide call for software that demonstrates innovation, outstanding value to accomplishing the JSC mission, and excellence in software technology. Project lead Rich Keller, along with JSC flight controller Brian Kelly, represented the cross-center XSearch team at the JSC Software Awards Selection Committee review on March 24. The nomination was made in the Flight & Flight Support Software category.

BACKGROUND: The JSC Software Awards process leads to selection of the following awards: 1) JSC Exceptional Software Award; 2) JSC Nominee for NASA Software of the Year; 3) JSC Nominee for Space Act Awards; and 4) NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medals. Nominated systems must be deployed at JSC and are judged on JSC mission value, complexity and innovativeness, and reuse potential.

XSearch is a system that provides search and linkage across multiple databases used by ISS and Shuttle flight controllers. XSearch integrates data from several separate flight operations databases. Through a common interface, Mission Control personnel using XSearch can issue a single search query and simultaneously interrogate multiple mission operations data sources. In addition to conducting search, the system also contextualizes search results by identifying records that are cross-referenced by or textually similar to the search results.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: JSC Intercenter Task Agreement funded by the Space Shuttle Program

XSearch Team: Dan Berrios, Mohana Gurram, Rich Keller, Chris Knight, Steve Lin, May Windrem, Shawn Wolfe (ARC); James Hart, Tim Hall, Jason Toschlog, Brian Ulman, Jenny Yang (JSC)

Contact: Rich Keller


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