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XSearch Incorporates Detection Of ISS Inventory Records

On March 31, 2009, XSearch v1.6 was released to Mission Control Center (MCC) flight controllers. This release extends the system’s cross-reference detection capability to identify citations to International Space Station (ISS) Inventory Management System (IMS) part records found in the text of MCC database records searched by XSearch. Flight controllers now have easy access to IMS using web links displayed by the XSearch interface.

BACKGROUND: XSearch is a system that provides search and linkage across multiple databases used by ISS and Shuttle flight controllers. XSearch integrates data from several separate flight operations databases. Through a common interface, Mission Control personnel using XSearch can issue a single search query and simultaneously interrogate multiple mission operations data sources. A total of eight different types of records can be searched using the XSearch interface. In addition to conducting search, the system also contextualizes search results by detecting records that are cross-referenced by or textually similar to the search results. Cross-references are located by parsing the text of database records using customized citation patterns that identify cross-references embedded in the text.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: JSC Intercenter Task Agreement funded by the Space Shuttle Program

XSearch Team: Dan Berrios, Mohana Gurram, Rich Keller, Chris Knight, Steve Lin, May Windrem, Shawn Wolfe (ARC); James Hart, Tim Hall, Jason Toschlog, Brian Ulman, Jenny Yang (JSC)

Contact: Rich Keller


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