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Xsearch Incorporates Search of ISS Investigation And Problem Reports
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Xsearch Incorporates Search of ISS Investigation And Problem Reports

XSearch v2.6 was successfully released to flight controllers at Johnson Space Center’s Mission Control on April 27, 2010. This version of XSearch incorporates search of International Space Station (ISS) In-flight Investigation Records (IFIs) and Problem Reports (PRACAs). Prior to this release, search of these ISS records was available only to a small minority of flight controllers with an approved login to the ISS PART system, where IFIs and PRACAs are stored for the ISS engineering support organization. Now, flight controllers can search these records, along with 11 other types of mission operations records from disparate databases, using a single convenient tool that also provides contextualized search for most records. XSearch polls the PART system every 15 minutes for new or modified records and then indexes and warehouses those records for search and display along with other types of data records.

This accomplishment was facilitated by the cooperation of members of the ISS-PART team in Code TH. The integration of XSearch and PART was accomplished using existing PART software interfaces and required no modifications to the PART system. This release of XSearch marks the seventh to be delivered to JSC since the initial release in July 2008. The final release of XSearch, incorporating search of ISS Program Meeting Minutes, is scheduled for delivery at the end of FY10.

BACKGROUND: XSearch is a system that provides search and linkage across multiple databases used by ISS and Shuttle flight controllers. XSearch integrates and searches data from multiple flight operations databases. Through a common interface, Mission Control Center personnel using XSearch can issue a single search query and simultaneously interrogate multiple mission operations data sources. Currently, a total of 13 different types of records can be searched. In addition to conducting search, XSearch also contextualizes search results by detecting records that are cross-referenced by or textually similar to those found in the search results. Cross-references are located by parsing the text of database records using customized citation patterns that identify cross-references embedded in the text.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: ARC/JSC Intercenter Task Agreement, funded by the Space Shuttle Program

XSEARCH TEAM: Rich Keller, Chris Knight, Steve Lin, Mohana Gurram, and Greg Orzech

PART TEAM: JSC: Christian Ratterman (TH), Irene Tollinger (TH), and Alex Eiser (TH)

Contact: Rich Keller

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