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Verification and Validation Holds Meeting of Experts

On July 8th, the Verification and Validation of Flight Critical Systems (VVFCS) formulation team, led by acting Project Manager Sharon Graves (LaRC) and acting Principal Scientist Dr. Guillaume Brat (ARC), held its National Research Council (NRC) Meeting of Experts in the National Academies Keck Building in Washington, D.C. ARMD Associate Administrator Dr. Jaiwon Shin and Deputy Associate Administrator Tom Irvine participated in the meeting. The Meeting of Experts reviewed the technical plan for VVFCS and its adequacy to meet the “V&V of complex systems” gap identified by the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO). Results from the Meeting of Experts are being incorporated into the VVFCS, now an element in the System-wide Safety & Assurance Technology (SSAT) formulation effort led by Dr. Srivastava (ARC).

Detailed presentations on the following four VVFS challenge areas were given:

  • Argument-based safety assurance, led by Kelly Hayhurst (LaRC), focused on defining a unified framework for the safety assurance of ground and airborne systems;
  • Distributed Systems, led by Dr. Paul Miner (LaRC), focused on the V&V of distributed systems and models for distributed system faults;
  • Autonomy and Authority, led by Dr. Michael Shafto (ARC), focused on the concepts of authority and autonomy, especially roles and responsibilities, in human/machine distributed systems and;
  • Software-Intensive Systems, led by Dr. Joseph Coughlan (ARC), focused on the V&V of software-intensive systems, and in particular, the use of formal methods to verify software.

The Panel’s initial feedback validated the technical directions and the quality of researchers involved in VVFCS. Panel members had a chance to make individual comments and suggestions for additional directions and collaborations for each of the four challenge areas. All panel members thought that it was an extremely important topic and asked to be kept appraised of future VVFCS developments. VVFCS is now being integrated in the formulation plans of the System-wide Safety & Assurance Technology (SSAT) project led by Dr. Srivastava (ARC). VVFCS will be one of the four elements in SSAT.

BACKGROUND: The Meeting of Experts is a NASA and NRC-invited set of experts that have experience in many VVFCS technical disciplines. Experts are selected from government, industry, and academia to review VVFCS proposals and offer feedback. The meeting is also open to the public and provides for public commentary on research plans as well.


Contact: Guillame Brat

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