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V&V for Command and Control of Constellation Systems Baselined

As part of the Constellation Program (CxP), the Software and Avionics Integration Office (SAvIO) contributed strategies and verification and validation (V&V) plans for command and control of CxP Systems in the CxP Initial Capability System Integration Plan (IC SIP). IC SIP is the mission to the International Space Station (ISS) involving the Orion and Ares I mission and ground systems. Strategies include scenario-based verification, leverage of lower-level verification activities, and incremental verification for a series of software builds targeted for flight tests. The plan is to verify that the integration of systems satisfies CxP architecture requirements, specifically the requirements for Command and Control (CA0449-PO) and Health and Status/Telemetry (CA217-PO) in the CxP Architecture Requirements Document (CARD). Sandra Hayden presented these plans at the CxP Test and Verification Quarterly #3 in Houston on November 5th, 2009. The IC SIP (CxP 70161-01) was reviewed at the CxP Preliminary Design Review in March, 2010.

BACKGROUND: SAvIO is a Level 2 organization responsible for verifying the integration of CxP Systems software and avionics. Software and Avionics Test and Integration (SATI) and Software Verification Engineering (SVE) are sub-functions within SAvIO. The IC SIP provides the overall framework and strategy for planning and executing system integration, analysis, test, inspection, demonstration, evaluation, and V&V activities for the CxP architecture in the IC phase. Sandra Hayden developed the section Command and Control and Health and Status/Telemetry V&V Strategies in the CxP IC SIP. This plan was produced for Margarita Sampson, the SIP group lead, and David Petri, the Integrated Test and Verification Office Chief.

CUSTOMERS: Montgomery Goforth (SAvIO Chief, JSC), Robert Spagnuolo (SATI Lead, GSFC), and Melvin Platt (SVE Lead, JSC Booz-Allen Hamilton)


Contact: Sandra Hayden

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