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Two rovers, two locations

Today we split our rover operations between two sites. K10 Black still has a lot of mapping to do on Drill Hill, but we're also on the hook for live remote operations at Ames with K10 Red.

We headed out to Drill Hill in the morning. K10 Black was stored in the Humvee overnight, so there was less moving and setup to do to get started. We moved the FieldOps to the West to get some network coverage for the west and south part of Drill Hill, set up the network and wifi and generator, uploaded the plan, and sent K10 Black off to map more of the hill.



Every day while the K10 rovers are running, we save one pair of navigation camera images to disk for debugging. Lately we haven't needed the images and they get overwritten when we run the navigator again. Today I fetched the navigation images and made a movie from the rover's eye view. This youtube video shows K10 Black driving around the Drill Hill test site.

We didn't finish the area we were hoping to finish, and had to pack up and head back to HMP base camp to get K10 Red up and running for remote ops. The folks back at camp tried to boot the rover and noticed a power system fault, so Susan hustled back to see if she could diagnose the problem.

Lorenzo and I stayed with K10 Black to see if we could make a little more progress before packing up on Drill Hill for the day, but we eventually had to abort the rest of the plan and pack up. NASA Ames was on the line already when I got back to camp, and we started K10 Red driving out away from camp just afterward. We set up a two way video chat link and could see some of our colleagues back at Ames for the first time in a couple weeks. They had set up Future Flight Central as a remote ops center, and had our ops tools running on the huge rear projection screens in the room. It looked great! Here's a picture from inside remote ops at Ames:


We loaded a plan for K10 Red to drive around the valleys just to the North of HMP Basecamp. Things worked pretty smoothly, and we answered questions from Ames and monitored Red navigating and surveying for several hours.

I didn't analyze the logs yet but K10 Black drove about 3 km today, and K10 Red drove about 1.5 km.

Weather: We had some overcast skies today, which was not ideal for the sun tracker. It also feels quite a bit colder without the warmth of direct sunlight. It was 13 C during the day and 7 overnight.

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