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Two rovers conduct kilometer long surveys

Rover activity: Today K10 Black and K10 Red each conducted test surveys of more than one kilometer each. We were asked a few times whether the rovers are autonomous, and in fact in both cases the rover was even more autonomous than we planned.

K10 Black began a survey and lost the network connection after descending into a ravine. The HabOps folks couldn't see the rover or reach it on the network any more, but it was driving just fine and the e-stop operator let it keep running. After about 15 minutes the rover popped out on the other side of the network outage and we started getting telemetry in Viz again. 45 minutes later K10 Black was finished the GPR survey, with no manual interventions.

K10 Red began a Lidar survey later in the day. 20 minutes into the survey, one of our workstations crashed. That workstation was running the naming service for CORBA. When we brought the machine back online we could not talk to the rover. But it was still conducting the lidar survey with no problems. We decided to let it keep running. Two hours later, after four 20-minute Lidar panoramas and 1 kilometer of autonomous driving, the rover arrived back at basecamp.

Here are a few photos of the rovers off on their long journeys:

k10black1 k10black2
/k10red1 k10red2

Team activity: Well, let's just say that having 24 hour daylight is conducive to working. Here are Mark (left) and Hans (right) hacking at 2 in the morning.


Distance driven: K10 Black drove 1031 meters today, and K10 Red drove 1140 meters.

Weather: Today was pretty sunny, which is good for the sun tracker, but also pretty windy, which made it feel pretty cold. The temperature was waivering around 6 to 8 C.

Quote of the Day: "OK, just one more thing..." Mark has been adding a lot of little features to Viz, our visualization tool, to make it more interactive and include more live telemetry.

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