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Test Simulation System Paper to Be Published

“An Agile Accelerated Aging, Characterization and Scenario Simulation System for Gate Controlled Power Transistors,” by Greg Sonnenfeld, Jose Celaya, and Kai Goebel, has been accepted for publication at IEEE Autotestcon 2008. The conference on automatic test systems for US military systems will be held September 8-11 in Salt Lake City, UT.

BACKGROUND: Avionics systems play an ever-increasing critical role in on-board, autonomous functions for vehicle controls, communications, navigation, and radar systems. This new functionality will increase the number of electronics faults with unanticipated fault modes. In addition, the move toward lead-free electronics and MEMS will further result in unknown behavior. It is therefore imperative to understand aging mechanisms in avionics-related semiconductors, to be able to model aging mechanisms for power semiconductors, and to determine failure precursors that can be sensed.


Contact: Kai Goebel


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