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Team arrives on Devon Island

NASA Ames K10 rover team arrives on Devon Island to start field test

Team activity: Susan, Vinh, Mark and Matt arrived on Devon today in two Twin Otter flights, along with K10 Red and some other equipment. The flight from Resolute to HMP basecamp was about 45 minutes over some really fascinating and barren arctic terrain. Here are some pictures of the plane and views out the window.

twin_otter gullies out_window unloading_twin_otter

All of our rover project gear is here now. We had a camp orientation overview and several training breifings on safety, communications, and transportation. We've also found out more about our daily schedule.


We spent a good part of this afternoon pitching tents, sorting our personal gear and settling in. In the evening we started setting up some of our workspace and working out our network setup.

mark_tent.256 susan_vinh_tent

Rover activity: The rovers are still packed up but we've started putting together our workspace and some infrastructure. We will start unpacking the rovers tomorrow.

Weather: Clear sunny skies and moderate temperature, around 18C during the day. We were prepared for much colder weather but we're very happy to have this.

Quote of the Day is from our Twin Otter pilot as he briefed us before takeoff: "Ok guys, here's the two exits, fire extinguisher is there, buckle your seatbelts and we're ready to go. The flight to Devon takes about 45 minutes." "And the beverage service?" I asked. "Well, in about 50 minutes..."

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