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Revamping NASA’s Technology Transfer Web Portal

In an effort to bring NASA technologies from “lab to market,” and to support the President's mandate that all federal agencies commercialize technologies and add more transparency to the general public through technology transfer efforts, NASA’s Technology Transfer (T2) web portal ( has been revamped with a new intuitive Look & Feel (L&F) user interface, and a customizable search engine using a modern technology solution stack for better scalability, flexibility, and performance. The new T2 portal was released on September 15th to the general public. It is the main entry point to NASA’s public technology transfer efforts and enables the public to discover and use the unique technologies developed for NASA missions. NASA technologies are made available through the patent portfolio, software catalog, and spinoff stories.

TEAM: Katharine Brinker (USRA), Tom Feltman (AS&M), Mohana Gurram (SGT), Chris Newton (AS&M), Takeshi “Tek” Okimura (ARC-BT/Lockheed Martin), Robin Orans (ARC-BT), Khai (Peter) Tran, Vu Tran (MCT), Anh Trinh (MORI), and Kelly Vail (AS&M)

COLLABORATORS: Sherilee "Sheri" Beam (LaRC), Daniel Coleman (GSFC), Laura Fobel (AFRC), Dan Lockney (HQ Program Executive), Rick Shindell (Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer/Zyn Systems), Terry Taylor (MSFC), and Debora "Debbie" Wolfenbarger (JPL)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA Technology Transfer Program (NTTP), Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT)

Contact: Robin Orans

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