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Media Spotlight On NASA International Students

NASA International Internship (NASA I2) students Jason Renwick and Stefan Hosein, fall 2014 interns in Discovery and Systems Health (DaSH), were featured on Trinidad and Tobago’s TV6 Morning Edition, where they were interviewed about their experience at NASA Ames and within DaSH:

Jason Renwick, a first-year Electrical Engineering student, researched electronics prognostics in the Diagnostics and Prognostics Group under the mentorship of Dr. José Celaya and Dr. Chetan Kulkarni. Jason performed a series of accelerated aging experiments for electrolytic capacitors and is currently working on a conference publication to present the results. Stefan Hosein, a Computer Science student in his final year, worked on machine-learning and fault-detection techniques in the Data Sciences Group under the mentorship of Dr. Rodney Martin. Stefan’s work focused on contributions to the Adverse Condition and Critical Event Prediction Toolbox (ACCEPT), a framework for comparing the performance of various combinations of machine learning and detection techniques; application development used scenario data from Sustainability Base. Both Jason and Stefan attend the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. Following their very successful NASA I2 Fall internships, Jason has returned to NASA for the spring session and Stefan will return in the summer session to continue research.

BACKGROUND: Trinidad and Tobago participated in the inaugural session of the NASA I2 Program though the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (NIHERST). Jason and Stefan were selected as part of rigorous two-stage screening process, which included vetting of more than 20 of Trinidad and Tobago’s brightest local students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The screening process involved an assessment of the candidates’ technical competence, strength of character, maturity, interest in research, ambassadorial qualities, and team skills, among other key criteria.

The NASA I2 Program is an agency-wide program that provides a collaborative environment for international undergraduate and graduate students to work with their American peers. The program gives international students the opportunity to work at a NASA facility as a member of a multinational team. Exposure to diverse working groups in formal and informal settings strengthens the global acumen of both the international and American team members. NASA I2 is designed to attract top-level students from abroad to contribute to NASA's specific needs.

COLLABORATORS: Vijay Janakiraman (UARC), Chetan Kulkarni (SGT), David Nielsen (MCT), and Alexander Van Dijk (SGT)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA I2 Program, Center/Director’s Innovation Fund

Contact: Rodney Martin, José Celaya

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