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STAR Team Implements New Automated Build Capability

The Ames Scheduling, Training Administration, and Records (STAR) development team researched, architected, and implemented an automated build capability to allow for the STAR source code to be checked out and automatically compiled, built, and integrated on a test server. This automation will allow moderate-sized software development teams to perform automated checks/builds at regular intervals—even hourly—to ensure that the software integrates . This will result in a significant time saving for both developers and users checking for errors, since issues will be caught early in development.

BACKGROUND: STAR is NASA’s next-generation training management system for crew, instructors, and flight controllers. It will replace the existing Training Administration Management System (TAMS) and Flight Operations Curriculum Administration System (FOCAS) with a suite of tools that provide integrated curriculum development and documentation, customized training plans, scheduling of personnel and facilities, training event feedback, and other training resources. All modules are being designed for maximum efficiency and interoperability. In an iterative process, event feedback will be used to help optimize the training plans.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The STAR project is an Mission Operations directorate(MOD)-funded effort to develop the next-generation training management system for MOD for training of Astronauts, Flight Controllers, and Instructors. It is funded jointly by the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and Constellation Mission Operations Programs.

Contact: Richard Papasin


Training management software tools developed and tested at Ames will streamline the training of astronauts and ground support personnel for the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and NASA's next generation of spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit.

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