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STAR Project Presents to the Mission Operations Directorate Control Board
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STAR Project Presents to the Mission Operations Directorate Control Board

On April 22, 2009, the Scheduling, Training, Administration, and Records (STAR) project team presented a high-level view of the STAR project schedule to the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Missions Operations Directorate (MOD) Control Board (CB). The MOD CB is an executive-level board which establishes MOD’s baseline and dispositions changes and issues affecting the baseline that either cannot be resolved at lower-level Control Boards and/or Panels or represent significant impact to the Directorate and/or Programs. The CB’s responsibility is for approval of technical, schedule, risk, and resource changes to the MOD baseline, including any proposed new work submitted through the MOD Change Request (CR) process.

This STAR project schedule was previously approved by the STAR Control Board, but baselining authority for the overall schedule was presented to the MOD CB. The remainder of the schedule represents the work that the STAR team will accomplish through the end of the FY10 Interagency Task Agreement (ITA) budget. No serious issues were encountered at either the STAR or MOD CB, hence, the STAR schedule will now be baselined and reported back to the MOD CB at least quarterly. During the presentation, the MOD CB members were reminded that the Return on Investment (ROI) is very dependent on the ability to meet the aggressive schedule in concert with the ability of the MOD Divisions to realize the savings noted in the ROI charts provided. The project team’s burn rate was also provided. The members were also shown a quick demo of the STAR tool as it exists per the STAR 0.3 release that transpired last week. A business case for an extension of the STAR funding will be brought to the MOD CB next quarter.

BACKGROUND: STAR is NASA’s next-generation training management system for crew, instructors, and flight controllers. It will replace the existing Training Administration Management System (TAMS), Flight Operations Curriculum Administration System (FOCAS), and a host of approximately 100 disparate tools with an enterprise system that provides integrated curriculum development and documentation, customized training plans, scheduling of personnel and facilities, training event feedback, and other training resources. All modules are being designed for maximum efficiency and interoperability. In an iterative process, event feedback will be used to help optimize the training plans.

PROGRAM FUNDING: The STAR project is an MOD-funded effort to develop the next-generation training management system for MOD for training of Astronauts, Flight Controllers, and Instructors. It is funded for FY09 entirely by the Space Shuttle Program (SSP).

PRESENTATION TEAM: Richard Papasin, Ernie Smith (Ames); Victoria (Tori) Palmer, Kathy Rogers (JSC)

Contact: Richard Papasin


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