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STAR v0.9.1 Release

The Scheduling, Training Administration, and Records (STAR) team achieved an interim software release on March 28, 2011 with the roll-out of STAR v0.9.1. This release represents the fifth major production release of the STAR application, incorporating enhanced functionality for the Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) community.

STAR v0.9.1 comprises approximately 80 functionality improvements to STAR 0.9. Enhancements were incorporated based on requests made by the user community. Minor additions for features previously not incorporated due to a tight schedule leading up to release 0.9 were also included.

The STAR 0.9.1 release represents the final implementation of functionality leading toward retirement of the antiquated software platform and hardware associated with the Training Administration Management System (TAMS). TAMS has been MOD’s flagship software application for training, certifications, and objective and event completion tracking for crew, flight controllers, and instructors since the late 1970s. Many attempts in the history of NASA’s human spaceflight have been made to retire TAMS, but they have all failed for a multitude of reasons. STAR, and more specifically the release of v0.9 and v0.9.1, takes one of the final steps to achieving the goal of retiring the DEC Alpha hardware that hosts the antiquated TAMS software platform. The DEC Alpha hardware will be used through the next few months to perform Space Shuttle-related training management activities for MOD, while STAR will perform the International Space Station-related training management activities. Upon Shuttle’s retirement, the plan is for the Ames team to completely decommission the DEC Alpha servers for MOD and complete the retirement of the outdated hardware. Preparations are already being made by the Ames team to achieve this milestone.

BACKGROUND: STAR is NASA’s next-generation training management system for crew, instructors, and flight controllers. It is planned to replace the existing Training Administration Management System (TAMS), Flight Operations Curriculum Administration System (FOCAS), and a host of approximately 100 disparate tools with an enterprise system that provides integrated curriculum development and documentation, customized training plans, scheduling of personnel and facilities, training event feedback, and other training resources. STAR is fully web-based and all modules have been designed for maximum efficiency and interoperability. In an iterative process, event feedback is used to help optimize training plans.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The STAR project is funded for FY11 by the Space Shuttle Program (SSP), International Space Station Program (ISSP), and Constellation Program (CxP) through an Intercenter Task Agreement (ITA) between JSC-MOD and ARC-TI

DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Karen Au, Ilya Avrekh, Lionel Delmo, Tristan Le, Jeffrey Lee, Shu-Chun (Jenessa) Lin, Rommel del Mundo, Quit Nguyen, Samuel Santiago, Mabel Sio, Eric Titolo, Mei Wei, and May Windrem

Contact: Richard Papasin

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