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Jay Trimble Receives AIAA Spaceops 2014 Best Paper Award

Jay Trimble presented three papers, one winning a Best Paper Award, at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) SpaceOps 2014. The first paper, “Reconfigurable Software for Mission Operations,” covers benefits and lessons learned in designing and building software for mission operations that is both modular in its functionality and is assembled by users into compositions. End-user metrics for software assembly were presented, as were early experiences in distributed scenario building for a rover mission to explore the lunar poles.

The second paper, “Lean Mission Operations Systems Design - Using Agile and Lean Development Principles for Mission Operations Design and Development,” discussed the applications of lean and agile methods to the design and development of a mission operations system (MOS). These techniques are being used for the early design of the MOS for the Resource Prospector Mission (RPM).

The third paper, “Open Source Software for Mission Operations - Technology, Licensing and Community,” won a Best Paper Award. A modified version of this paper will be included in the post conference book Space Operations: Innovations, Inventions and Discoveries, to be published by AIAA. The paper covers experiences with Open Source software, from the code repository choice, interaction with the community, costs, benefits, and goals, to legal issues.

BACKGROUND: The capability of space missions and the supporting ground infrastructure is growing, fueled by exciting new technologies, but with that growth comes increased complexity, and daunting reliability and security challenges. And like most complex enterprises, space operations are being asked to do more with less. In order to deliver cost-effective space operations services, we must explore innovative ways to build and operate our systems, and integrate operations personnel into the space operations equation. Innovation is the engine that drives progress in today’s high-tech global economy.

Hosted by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), SpaceOps 2014 brings together the space operations community to address state-of-the-art operations principles, methods, and tools. Held biennially since 1990, the conference attracts technologists, scientists, and managers from space agencies, industry, and academia. The conference fosters managerial and technical interchange on all aspects of space mission operations, including robotic and human spaceflight, earth-orbit and deep-space missions, lunar and planetary missions, and orbital and surface operations.

Contact: Jay Trimble

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