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Solar Array Constraint Engine Demonstrations

Jeremy Frank demonstrated the Solar Array Constraints Engine (SACE) software at 2008 AIAA Space, which took place September 9–11, 2008. Frank also demonstrated SACE at the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling Workshop on Planning and Scheduling Applications, held September 14–18, 2008.

BACKGROUND: The Solar Array Constraints Engine (SACE) software assists International Space Station (ISS) flight controllers safely operate the ISS solar arrays. SACE provides flight controllers with awareness of operational constraints that are in danger of being violated either at the current time or the immediate future, and gives them the ability to plan solar array activities for periods of weeks into the future at the push of a button. SACE is a joint effort between NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Johnson Space Center’s Mission Operations Directorate (MOD).


Team Members: S. Reddy, M. Boyce, M. Iatauro, E. Kurklu, M. Ai Chang

Contact: Jeremy Frank