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Training on Modeling the Space Launch System Using Teams Designer at MSFC
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Training on Modeling the Space Launch System Using Teams Designer at MSFC

Intelligent Systems Division researchers conducted three days of training for members of Extra-Vehicular (EV) Activity 43 at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) on modeling the Space Launch System (SLS) using Qualtech Systems Inc.’s TEAMS Designer and the modeling process developed for the Ares-I vehicle. TEAMS Designer allows one to model fault propagation at an abstract level. The process of going from source materials such as the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Instrumentation Program and Component List (IPCL), ICD’s, Integrated Mission Timeline (IMT), etc., to a TEAMS model was presented while emphasizing traceability from model features to source documents. Members of EV-43 are responsible for mission and fault management of the SLS vehicle and will be modeling the subsystems using TEAMS Designer.

BACKGROUND: For the past three years Ames researchers were the Element lead modelers and integrators for the Ares-I TEAMS model. The Ares-I TEAMS model contains over 8K failure modes and 1,300 measurement tests. Lessons learned during the process were codified into a modeling conventions document and a best practices document.

CONTRIBUTORS: Bart Baker, Laura Barkett (MSFC), Eric Barszcz, Ben Hagar, Bill Maul (GRC), Chris Neilly, and Peter Robinson (ARC)

Contact: Ann Patterson-Hine

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