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Mike Shafto Contributes to Special Section of IEEE Intelligent Systems
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Mike Shafto Contributes to Special Section of IEEE Intelligent Systems

IEEE Intelligent Systems, Vol. 25, No. 5, September/October 2010, features a special section titled “AI Space Odyssey” with guest editors Michael G. Shafto (NASA ARC) and Maarten Sierhuis (PARC; Ames Associate). Significant editorial support was also provided by Robert Hoffman, Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC).

The special section consists of a guest editor’s introduction and four technical articles reporting current research on AI applications to space exploration missions. The four technical articles are:

  • “Semantic Annotation of Aerospace Problem Reports to Support Text Mining,” by Jane T. Malin (NASA JSC), Christopher Millward and Fernando Gomez (University of Central Florida), and David R. Throop (Boeing)
  • “Getting Diagnostic Reasoning off the Ground: Maturing Technology with TacSat-3,” by Ryan Mackey (JPL), Lee Brownston, Joseph P. Castle, and Adam Sweet (NASA ARC)
  • “Measuring Performance in Real-Time During Remote Human-Robot Operations with Adjustable Autonomy,” by Debra Schreckenghost and Todd Milam (TRACLabs), and Terrence Fong (NASA ARC)
  • “Assessing Human-Agent Teams for Future Space Missions,” by Nanja J.J.M. Smets, Jurriaan van Diggelen and Mark A. Neerincx (TNO Human Factors), Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (IHMC), Catholijn M. Jonker, Lennard J.V. de Rijk, Pieter A.M. Senster and Ot ten Thije (Delft University of Technology), and Maarten Sierhuis (PARC; Ames Associate).

BACKGROUND: Other articles of interest in this same issue include, “Enabling Autonomous Exploration via the Solar System Internet,” by Jay Wyatt and colleagues at JPL, MSFC, and JSC (in the recurring “AI in Space” series edited by Rich Doyle, JPL); two articles on semantic technology; one on intelligent transportation systems; and one on human-centered computing. A related post will appear later in October on the IEEE Computing Now website.


TEAM MEMBERS: Mike Shafto, Maarten Sierhuis, and Robert R. Hoffman

Contact: Mike Shafto

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