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Scampi B Appraisal of Software Engineering Processes

The Intelligent Systems Division has completed a SCAMPI B appraisal of its software engineering processes. The appraisal examined a sample set of division software projects including Lunar Atmospheric and Dust Environment Experiment (LADEE) Flight Software and Science Planning Interface for Engineering (SPIFe), along with the division Software Management Office and software quality assurance services provided by the System Safety and Mission Assurance Division. The findings, which were delivered in an outbriefing to division management, indicated substantial progress being made toward the division’s goal of achieving a CMMI Maturity Level 2 rating in 2010. The findings demonstrate where Code TI is satisfactorily implementing specific practices as specified by the CMMI model and where further process improvement is necessary. These results will be used to guide further process improvement efforts in preparation for holding a formal SCAMPI A appraisal next year.

APPRAISAL TEAM: Bob Duffy, Charlotte Linde, Silvano Colombano

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Intelligent Systems Division; HQ Office of the Chief Engineer, Software Working Group

Contact: Bob Duffy


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