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Rodney Martin Organizes Sustainability Base Collaborative Research Meeting
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Rodney Martin Organizes Sustainability Base Collaborative Research Meeting

A collaborative research meeting of NASA, Carnegie Mellon University at Silicon Valley (CMU-SV), and UC Berkeley researchers, faculty, and students was held to share Sustainability Base research results and plan potential future collaborations. The workshop was hosted jointly by the Advanced Studies Laboratory and CMU-SV, and conducted on site at NASA Ames Research Center on Dec. 9, 2014 in the Sustainability Base. The meeting included focused sessions on predictive analytics for smart building control, as well as enabling technologies through embedded intelligence.

Several presentations focused on anomalous performance of the radiant heating system’s hot water pumps. This problem was explored in the context of developing tools for predictive analytics for isolability and improved control strategies for mitigation of critical alarms. Several student presentations on this topic were delivered, which included a seminar hosted by the Advanced Studies Laboratory. Presentations were also made by various faculty members both at UC Berkeley and CMU-SV on various enabling technologies that could be brought to bear on this and similar practical challenges.

BACKGROUND: Sustainability Base at NASA Ames Research Center is a high-performance, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum building that has an ongoing mission to incorporate NASA innovations and technologies for continuous improvement of energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, and lowering operating and maintenance expenses compared to traditional buildings. It thus provides a unique R&D testbed within the Agency, and functions as a living experimental platform, integrating the latest technologies as they evolve.

COLLABORATORS: Aniruddha Basak (CMU-SV student), David Culler (UC Berkeley faculty),Wendy Fong (CMU-SV), Robin Franz (visiting ETHZ M.S. student via UC Berkeley), Rosalind Grymes (NASA), Stefan Hosein (NASA I2 program intern), Bob Iannucci (CMU-SV faculty), Wenonah Vercoutere (NASA/ASL), Jia Zhang (CMU-SV faculty), and Steve Zornetzer (NASA)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Advanced Studies Laboratory (a partnership between NASA Ames Research Center and the University of California, Santa Cruz), Carnegie Mellon University, Center Innovation Fund

Contact: Rodney A. Martin

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