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Human Systems Integration and Intelligent Systems Division Collaborators Win SAE Outstanding Technical Paper Award
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Human Systems Integration and Intelligent Systems Division Collaborators Win SAE Outstanding Technical Paper Award

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International has determined that a conference paper based on a recent collaborative effort between Ames Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI) and Human Systems Integration Division (Code TH) collaborators is “among the most outstanding SAE Technical Papers of 2008,” and will be published in the first (April 2009) volume of SAE International Journal of Aerospace.

The paper, titled “Operator Performance Evaluation of Fault Management Interfaces for Next-Generation Spacecraft,” reports an empirical study evaluating two Advanced Caution And Warning Systems (ACAWS) concepts for off-nominal situation management on next-generation spacecraft, one incorporating a relatively low level of automation, the other a relatively high level. The results showed that the more highly automated concept produced both more accurate fault diagnoses and faster fault resolution times, with lower workload and no loss of situation awareness. Armed with this information, designers can make more informed decisions concerning the proper balance between automation-related operational enhancements and the associated costs of software development and increased onboard computing requirements.

Authors of the paper were Miwa Hayashi, Ujwala Ravinder, Brent Beutter, Robert McCann, Lilly Spirkovska, and Fritz Renema.

The ACAWS Team includes:

  • Code TH: Mark Anderson, Brent Beutter, Steve Elkins, Miwa Hayashi, Robert McCann, Ujwala Ravinder, Fred Renema, Leland Stone
  • Code TH ISIS Lab Support: Ron Miller
  • Code TI: David Garcia, John Ossenfort, Scott Poll, Lilly Spirkovska, Adam Sweet, William Taylor
  • Code TI ADAPT Lab Support: Matthew Daigle, David Hall, Charles Lee, Christian Neukom, David Nishikawa, Indranil Roychoudhury, Serge Yentus

NASA Program Funding: ESMD, Advanced Capabilities Division, Human Research Program, Space Human Factors and Habitability, Space Human Factors Engineering; ARMD Aviation Safety Program (IVHM Project); ARMD NRA (Aviation Safety)

Contact: Robert McCann, Ph.D., Human Systems Integration Division; Lilly Spirkovska, Ph.D., Intelligent Systems Division

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