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NASA’s Quicklaunch Technology Licensing Website is Publicly Launched
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NASA’s Quicklaunch Technology Licensing Website is Publicly Launched

NASA’s QuickLaunch (QL) technology licensing tool was released to the general public and NASA’s partners on October 30, 2013. The QuickLaunch web-based tool was developed by the NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS) project team from Ames Research Center’s Intelligent Systems Division, Ames Technology Partnerships Division, and Analytical Services and Materials, Inc. (AS&M, a Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies sub-contractor in Hampton, Virginia), with collaboration from technology transfer and licensing managers from all ten NASA field centers and NASA Headquarters. The publicly accessible website is

Quicklaunch helps the public easily and quickly request a special selection of fixed flat-rate NASA technology licenses via the website. Two types of NASA licenses are currently offered: Nonexclusive and Evaluation. The key differences and benefits between QuickLaunch licensing and regular NASA licensing are (1) the turnaround time for executing a QL license compared to a regular license is shorter; and (2) standard licensing fees and terms are fixed and published on the website; they are not negotiated. The turnaround time for a QL license will normally take less than a month from submitting an application for approval to license agreement execution. Most regular NASA licenses take three to nine months from submission of an application to execution.

BACKGROUND: The NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS) is a web-based database application and framework that supports the entire NASA agency-wide technology transfer process. NTTS contains technology data from all ten NASA field centers and Headquarters. This includes New Technology Reports (NTRs), New Technology Summary Reports (NTSRs), patents, technology commercialization reports, information about contracts, grants partnerships, software releases, NASA Technical Briefs, technology success stories and spinoffs, waivers, awards, leads, Technology OPportunity Sheets (TOPS), and technology licenses.

QuickLaunch was developed as part of the NTTS application tool suite for supporting the technology licensing and transfer process. It is a publicly accessible, web-based licensing tool developed to allow the general public and NASA’s partners, such as commercial industry and universities, to easily and quickly request a selection of specially priced NASA technology licenses with a quick turnaround and fixed prices.

For more information about NASA’s Technology Transfer Portal website, visit:

For more information about NASA’s QuickLaunch Licensing website, visit:

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA’s Technology Transfer Program (NTTP), Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT)

TEAM MEMBERS: Alex Beddis (ARC-TI/AS&M), Tom Feltman (ARC-TI/AS&M), Sumedha Garud (ARC-VP/Deltha-Critique), Mohana Gurram (ARC-TI/SGT), Robin Orans (ARC-VP), Takeshi “Tek” Okimura (ARC-VP/Lockheed Martin), Trupti Sanghani (ARC-VP), Khai (Peter) Tran (ARC-TI), Vu Tran (ARC-TI/MCT), Anh Trinh (ARC-TI/Dell), and Kelly Vail (ARC-TI/AS&M)

COLLABORAORS: Technology Transfer and Licensing Managers from all ten NASA field centers and Headquarters

CUSTOMERS: The general public, NASA’s Technology Transfer and Partnership Offices, and NASA’s industry partners and university collaborators

Contact: Robin Orans; Khai (Peter) Tran

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