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Prognostics Industry Day Held at Ames

The Prognostics Center of Excellence (PCoE) hosted the Prognostics Industry Day on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008. The Industry Day was co-sponsored by the Office of the Director of New Ventures and Communications. The goal was for attendees to learn about the scope of prognostics in the engineered systems of today and the future. Emphasis was on interactive hardware-in-the-loop demonstrations of various experiments where the latest prognostic technology is at work within IVHM and other programs. In addition, attendees learned how NASA's resources can be leveraged to develop system health management programs that are relevant to both their own domains and to NASA’s broad research and development directives. Serdar Uckun (PARC) gave the keynote speech on “Prognostics and Health Management: The Second Decade” in which he outlined the challenges in prognostics, drew comparisons of conducting prognostics in medicine and engineering, and discussed the business impact of prognostics.

Seventy-five participants attended the event, including a number of recognized experts in the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) community from the Air Force, Army, Joint Strike Fighter Program Office (JSFPO), academia, and industry. Areas where NASA’s participation is considered crucial were discussed in a dedicated session. The consensus was that the PHM community is looking for NASA leadership in the following areas:

  • Setting standards and metrics
  • Educating the rest of the community on state-of-the-art in prognostics research
  • Providing objective judgment and technical assessment of different technical approaches and methods
  • Helping to coordinate systems health related information that is being promoted in different organizations
  • Providing technical contributions to advance successful remaining life estimates
  • V&V for PHM/Prognostics
  • Design for PHM/Prognostics

BACKGROUND: Within the IVHM project, health management techniques are explored for complex subsystems in aeronautics. Specifically, prognostics techniques, considered the Achilles heel of condition-based maintenance, are explored as game changers for advanced health management concepts by providing decision makers with advance notice of when an impact on operations can be expected due to component failure. The Industry Day was organized to showcase the research conducted at the Prognostics Center of Excellence and increase interaction with the prognostics community beyond NASA Ames PCoE.


Contact: Kai Goebel, Jaffer Hussain


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