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PMT Team Receives NASA Agency Honor Award

The Ames Program Management Tool (PMT) Team and the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Dashboard Team received the Agency Honor Award for their joint group achievement in providing NASA with an Integrated Phasing Plan and Resource Monitoring System. The award ceremony took place on April 16th at NASA Headquarters.

The award was presented for a financial management tool which has given the NASA a product they have never had: the ability to develop an integrated Agency phasing plan and the ability to visually display the data at an overarching Agency level. The PMT Team collected more than 1,900 phasing plans from all NASA Centers’ current systems and worked closely with the Mission Directorates to give them an opportunity to revise and approve the plans. The PMT Team also produced monthly plan vs. actual reports and shipped the data to the JSC Dashboard Team. The JSC Team provided a web-based dashboard with the ability to drill down to the Center and project levels. The complete system was deployed in less than five months.


  • JSC: John Beall, Cathy Claunch, Sid Schmidt, Adele Leighton, Sarah Finch, Douglas Rushing, Tom Canning, Junnu Sam, Tom Besser, Allison Horton, Debbie McCarthy, Carol Harvey
  • ARC: Darlene Gross, Herb Finger (Business Systems Office); Peter Putz, Hemil Patel, Chen-Jung (Jennifer) Hsu, Jairon Moh-Hashim (Intelligent Systems Division); Jon Robbins (Product & Services Integration Development Division)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: The Integrated Phasing Plan and Resource Monitoring System was funded by the NASA Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO).

Contact: Darlene Gross (ARC Code C); Peter Putz (ARC Code TI, USRC/RIACS)


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