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PLEXIL to Provide Intelligent Control at Unimodal

A Non-Reimbursable Space Act Agreement between NASA Ames and Unimodal Systems, LLC was approved and executed on August 7. Unimodal, a southern California based company with a development office in the Ames Research Park, is commercializing SkyTran(TM), a next-generation transportation technology for personal rapid transit. Unimodal has selected PLEXIL and the Universal Executive (UE) as an ideal candidate technology for the intelligent control and automation requirements of this system. For a period of one year, the PLEXIL staff will collaborate with Unimodal by providing them technical assistance with the incorporation of PLEXIL/UE and in turn receiving feedback to improve PLEXIL/UE as it is deployed in this uniquely challenging application. The agreement also includes a separate collaboration between Unimodal and the Human Systems Integration Division for human factors studies of the transport vehicle being designed.

BACKGROUND: The Plan Execution Interchange Language (PLEXIL) and Universal Executive (UE) were developed at NASA Ames Research Center. PLEXIL is a language for representing plans for automation, and the UE is its implementation and execution environment. PLEXIL and the UE have been used in a variety of different autonomy applications, including autonomous control of planetary rovers and drills, and demonstrations of automated space operations.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

TEAM MEMBERS: Mike Dalal, Chuck Fry

Contact: Jeremy Frank


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