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Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) Project Prototype Release

A prototype of the Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) was released to the Expedition Systems Division (DI) of the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Mission Operations Directorate as part of the FY10 Development Cycle. Ames Intelligent Systems (Code TI) and Human Systems Integration (Code TH) researchers, along with JSC Facilities Development and Operations Contract (FDOC) contractor staff, developed the prototype in ten months. After a review of the prototype, the JSC contractor staff reported:

“We just had a great session for about three hours at FDOC going through everything in PLATO_1_3, including SOLAR/STK, FDPA, SEED, EPLM, and BSAM. It all looks great! Very impressive! Great work everyone! ... We really had a great session looking at everything! It will be a superb tool! We appreciate the help of everyone at Ames and everyone else that worked on it! ”

BACKGROUND: The Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) is a tool being developed by NASA in order to reduce the workload of International Space Station (ISS) flight controllers and the analysts who manage the ISS power system. PLATO integrates a large number of tools previously used to calculate power generation (e.g. SOLAR/STK), power utilization (SEED), power system state (BSAM/FPDA), and power system schedules (EPLM). PLATO automates the analyses performed by these tools, provides power system visualization and exploration capabilities, and power plan storage.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Space Operations Mission Directorate

TEAM MEMBERS: ARC TI: A. Bencomo, A. Bachmann, A. Aghevli, M. Iatauro Matt Boyce, Eugene Turkov; ARC TH: M. McCurdy, M. Ludowise, J. Marquez

Contact: Alfredo Bencomo


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