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Power Planning and Analysis Tool Certified for JSC Mission Control Ops
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Power Planning and Analysis Tool Certified for JSC Mission Control Ops

The Ames Power Planning and Analysis Tool (PLATO) successfully completed the process for certification for deployment at JSC Mission Control. PLATO is a preflight planning and real-time analysis console tool that supports all phases of the International Space Station (ISS) power resource planning. Through consolidation of existing and new power resource planning tools into a single application, PLATO simplifies the power resource planning task, thereby reducing the number of analysts and flight control personnel required to manage the ISS Electrical Power Systems. It also reduces the number of off-console personnel required for power prediction generation. PLATO provides the capability to allow a SPARTAN specialist, who is managing the electrical power systems and the external thermal control systems; to be able to generate all of the standard Short Term Plan power planning products, flight-specific power planning products, long-range look-ahead power planning products, and any additional what-if scenarios.

PLATO is a collaborative effort between the ensemble teams at NASA,s Ames Research Center, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the FDOC team at JSC.


Contact: Alfredo Bencomo

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