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Best Professional Paper Award at Prognostics And Health Management Conference
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Best Professional Paper Award at Prognostics And Health Management Conference

“Integrating SHM to the Early Design of Aerospace Systems using Functional Fault Analysis” by T. Kurtoglu, S. Johnson, E. Barszcz, J. Johnson, and P. Robinson won the PHM 2008 Best Professional Paper Award at the 2008 International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management, held October 6–9, 2008. The paper, presented by Tolga Kurtoglu at the conference, describes the Functional Fault Analysis (FFA), a systematic design methodology developed with the goal of integrating sytems health management (SHM) into early design of aerospace systems.

Two overarching goals of the FFA design methodology are to promote lifecycle cost savings and system dependability. The basis for the FFA methodology is a high-level, functional model of a system that captures the physical architecture, including the physical connectivity of energy, material, and data flows within the system. The model also contains all sensory information, failure modes associated with each component of the system, the propagation of the effects of these failure modes, and the characteristic timing by which fault effects propagate along the modeled physical paths. Using this integrated model, the designers and system analysts can assess the sensor suite’s diagnostic functionality and analyze the “race” between the propagation of fault effects and the fault detection isolation and response (FDIR) mechanisms designed to compensate and respond to them.

BACKGROUND: The Functional Fault Analysis has been implemented into the design and analysis of the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle over the past two and a half years. The FFA task includes over 30 team members from various NASA Centers and is led by Stephen B. Johnson from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). The paper resulted from an effort that aimed at formally documenting the FFA process.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

COLLABORATORS/TEAM MEMBERS: Stephen Johnson (NASA MSFC), Eric Barszcz (NASA Ames), Jeremy Johnson (USRA-RIACS/NASA Ames), Peter Robinson (NASA Ames)

Contact: Tolga Kurtoglu


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