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Planetary Data Systems 4 Tools Released to Planetary Sciences Community
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Planetary Data Systems 4 Tools Released to Planetary Sciences Community

The Planetary Data Systems (PDS) User-Centered Design team has released the first version of a software library for reading and writing metadata and data products using the PDS4 data standard. The library is a key piece of software infrastructure to enable development of a whole host of next-generation PDS4 user tools.

BACKGROUND: PDS is the long-term archive for planetary science data products generated during NASA-funded planetary missions. PDS defines standard data and metadata formats to ensure that archived data will support scientific research both now and in the future. PDS4 is a self-describing and platform-independent standard for organizing the archive's science data and associated metadata.

The PDS4 Tools Software Library will initially be used by the PDS User-Centered Design team at Ames and the PDS Engineering Node at JPL to develop tools to help missions utilize the new data standard for archiving. The PDS User-Centered Design Team has provided support for the Planetary Data System since 2005, including tool development, user interface design and review, and user research and characterization.

More information on the Planetary Data System, planetary data, and tools for planetary science can be found at the PDS web site.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Science Mission Directorate (SMD), Planetary Data System (PDS) program

COLLABORATORS: Dan Berrios (TI/UARC), Rich Keller (TI), Mark Rose (TI/Dell), Pegah Sarram (TI/Dell), Jay Trimble (TI), and Shawn Wolfe (TI). The team collaborates with the PDS Engineering Node at JPL and with other PDS Nodes around the country. The customers of the PDS4 Tools Library include the PDS Nodes, planetary mission teams, and planetary scientists.

Contact: Mark Rose

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