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Planetary Data System Tools Web Site Rollout

The Planetary Data System (PDS) Tools web site has gone into live beta test phase. Designed, developed, and hosted at NASA Ames, this site provides hosted cross-platform web-based tools to PDS users. The PDS is NASA’s facility for archiving planetary data for long-term storage and retrieval. Web site users have the convenience of using the PDS tools in their browser, without the need to install, update, or maintain software. The initial beta site includes three tools: a data validator and a data slicing tool, to assist science users in the data archiving process, and an image feature search site, to assist all users in finding images – initially from the Moon and Mars. The image feature search was developed in collaboration with Google. PDS tools were designed and developed by Josh Ganderson, Laura Baalman, Frank Kuehnel, and Mark Rose.

The PDS tools are developed using a user-centered design process. This is an iterative process that uses rapid prototyping and user evaluations to develop software that focuses on user needs. An early user of the PDS tools site said, “we’re making a lot of use of your tool right now – it’s far and away the best thing out there.”

The PDS Tools site is available at

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: NASA Headquarters, Planetary Data System program

Contact: Jay Trimble


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