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Expanded Dispersion Analysis Conducted on Pad Abort 1

Karen Gundy-Burlet, Misty Davies, and Greg Limes (CraigTech/ARC) performed an analysis of the expected flight performance envelope independent Verification Analysis Cycle (iVAC) for Pad Abort 1. The ARC validation test code “Margins” combines an unsupervised multivariate clustering analysis generated by Autobayes in conjunction with a supervised contrast set learner, TAR3. 1,737 test cases were generated using a 3-factor combinatorial algorithm that guarantees coverage of triplets of parameters over the domain. This encompassed approximately 280 parameters, including aerodynamic, environmental, mass, and performance parameters. The analysis and report identified critical combinations of ranges of physical, aerodynamic, and environmental parameters that led to failure of flight dynamics requirements.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Karen Gundy-Burlet, Misty Davies, Greg Limes (CraigTech/ARC), Johann Schuman, Tony Barrett (JPL), and Tim Menzies (W. Va. Univ.) all contributed to the development of the analysis software.

PROGRAM FUNDING: ETDP provided funding for development of the analysis software. CEV provided funding for analysis of PA-1

Contact: Karen Gundy-Burlet


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