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Education Outreach Students Win National Awards

Deepak Kulkarni served as coach to a group of elementary school students participating in a national math problem-solving contest: the Noetic Learning Math Contest. In the Fall 2012 competition, the team that Deepak Kulkarni coached was the best-performing California team for fourth graders, winning national honor medals and national honorable mention awards.

BACKGROUND: Recreational mathematics can be used to stimulate mathematics enthusiasm in students. A very good example of recreational mathematics is the Sector 33 App game developed by NASA’s Smart Skies Education program. The Sector 33 App game teaches mathematics in the context of air traffic management. Another good example is a book Deepak has written on learning math problem solving with KenKen. Deepak has used both the Sector 33 App game and his KenKen book in successfully stimulating love for math in students. A survey of students found that students view his classes to be as much fun as other recreational activities.


Contact: Deepak Kulkarni

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