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Mission Control Technologies Goes Open Source

Mission Control Technologies (MCT) is now Open Source software, available under the Apache 2.0 license. The Open MCT source code is available on Github, at: More information about Open MCT, including an easy-to-use trial download is available on the MCT community web site

Open MCT brings modular, user-composable software to the broader mission control community, and creates avenues for free and open collaboration both in and outside of NASA. The Open Source package includes standard MCT objects for viewing telemetry in multiple ways. Capabilities may be extended by adding plug-ins, which may be downloaded from Github. Examples of current plug-ins include a graphical Earth view, a timeline that can display time-based parameters, and a notebook that acts a container for objects such as telemetry.

BACKGROUND: Mission Control Technologies was developed at Ames Research Center in collaboration with customers at Johnson Space Center (JSC) for use in spaceflight mission operations. MCT is a platform that enables mission operations software systems to be assembled from flexible collections of user-composable components. Components may be assembled and modified by users, with the level of composability and permissions controlled by policies. By assembling systems from components on a common framework, the traditional “walls” of monolithic applications are eliminated, as are the heterogeneous code bases and functional overlaps that come with traditional software applications. User composition of software empowers users to make rapid changes to software, within the constraints of organizational policy, and without the need for code changes from platform service providers. In turn, platform service providers have the capability to provide certified, yet flexible systems.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: ARC/JSC Mission Operations Directorate and Intercenter Task Agreement; JPL’s Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS)

TEAM: Dan Berrios, Sue Blumenberg, Tom Dayton, Benson Hong, Madelyn Quinol, Mark Rose, Nija Shi, Irene Smith, Hao Thai, Peter Tran, Chris Webster, and Victor Woeltjen

Contact: Jay Trimble

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