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OCAMS Release 4.1 Deployed in JSC Mission Control

Orbital Communications Adapter Management System (OCAMS) release 4.1 was successfully deployed for International Space Station (ISS) operations at Johnson Space Center (JSC) October 24, 2011. OCAMS 4.1 further enhances the automation of routine work in manipulating files onboard the ISS, enabling the consolidation of two Mission Control Center (MCC) backroom positions.

OCAMS 4.1 automates the daily process of downloading, merging, and uploading ISS-crew e-mail files. In a step towards using agent assistants for other MCC positions, ISS crew plan updates from the Onboard Short Term Procedures Viewer (OSTPV) are now sorted, flagged, and forwarded to ground support according to content. The procedure editor was enhanced and made a part of a new administrative tool, which includes an archive query capability and rule editor for creating the handover log. Other enhancements were made to OCAMS mirroring, delivery, and notification functions based on MCC experience since the uplink–downlink capability was deployed in July.

BACKGROUND: OCAMS is a direct application of the Mobile Agents system developed for NASA’s Exploration Technology Development Program. Open architecture and interoperability methods have been generalized to fit the multiple network and security protocols within MCC. This design enables simultaneously running on multiple OCA clients that interact with the ISS FTP program, which queues requests and reports results to the software agents. It is the first application of intelligent multi-agent system technology in NASA’s mission control operations.

OCAMS has been deployed at JSC since July 2008. Release 4.1 is the first incremental release in a series of tool refinements that will continue in FY12.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Sue Blumenberg (SGT Inc.), Bill Clancey (ARC/FIHMC), Mike Scott (Dell Services), Chin Seah (SGT Inc.), and Ron van Hoof (Dell Services)

COLLABORATORS: JSC: Tyler Doubrava (MS4, USA), Tim Hall (DO48), Steve Kirk (DO46/USA), Paul Lansing (FDOC/Lockheed Martin Corp), Erik Madrid (DO48/Lockheed Martin Corp), Jason Mintz (DO46/USA), Dan Owen (FDOC/Lockheed Martin Corp), Chuck Shultz (DA39, Barrios Technology), Jason Toschlog (DO48, USA), and Tyson Tucker (DO47, USA)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: Intercenter Task Agreement between JSC/MOD and the Ames Intelligent Systems Division

Contact: William J. Clancey

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