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OCAMS Rule Editor Used to Implement Change in Mission Operations Requirement
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OCAMS Rule Editor Used to Implement Change in Mission Operations Requirement

On April 2, 2009, OCAMS Release 2 (R2) was deployed for JSC mission control backroom operations involving file transfer between ground support and the crew of the International Space Station. Included in this new release is an editor that allows OCA Officers to create and modify rules that specify which files to mirror and archive, and where to store them on the MAS network. Within the first week of OCAMS R2 deployment in Mission Control, the rule editor was used by an OCA Officer to add a new archiving rule that excludes a particular type of file (data files that go up with BHPG each night) from archiving.

Previously, new types of files, or changes to existing file types, would have required that a Brahms programmer make changes to OCAMS, and that an updated version of OCAMS be installed at Mission Control. With deployment of the OCAMS rule editor, an OCA officer can easily view the currently deployed rules, see which rule was responsible for a mirroring or archiving decision, and create or modify rules as requirements change. The OCAMS 2.0 rule editor is an example of "sustaining engineering"–engineering systems so that they can easily adapt to changing requirements, minimizing ongoing maintenance costs.


  • JSC: Anthony Bruins (DD22), Tim Hall (DO48), Deborah Hood (DO47, BAR), Tyson Tucker (DO47, USA), Jason Toschlog (DO47, USA)
  • FDOC/Lockheed Martin: Howard (Wes) Neill, Michael McKibbin, Jason Walker
  • ARC/TI: Sue Blumenberg (SGT Inc.), Bob Nado (SGT Inc.), Mike Scott (Perot Systems), Chin Seah (SGT Inc.), Ron van Hoof (Perot Systems)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: OCAMS is funded as the OCA Mirroring System (OCAMS) ITA 9277 between JSC’s MOD and the Ames Intelligent Systems Division. The Collaborative Infrastructure has been funded by the Exploration Technology Development Program (A4O).

Contact: Bill Clancey (ARC/IHMC); Maarten Sierhuis (ARC/CMU SV)


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