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OCAMS Workflow Automation System Receives JSC Exceptional Software Award
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OCAMS Workflow Automation System Receives JSC Exceptional Software Award

The Orbital Communications Adapter Management System (OCAMS), developed at NASA Ames’ Intelligent Systems Division, has received the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Exceptional Software Award for an innovative software solution that supports NASA’s mission. The award, granted by JSC Center Director Mike Coats, is one of six awards presented this year by the JSC Software Awards Selection Committee; it is the first cross-center award granted by JSC.

BACKGROUND: OCAMS has been deployed in the JSC backroom for managing file transfers between ground support teams and the International Space Station (ISS) crew since July 2008. Release 3, deployed in January 2010, automates mirroring, archiving, delivery, notification, and logging operations, reducing time required for routine work, on average, by 60%. Release 4 is in development with partial deployment scheduled for fall 2010 and full automation of uplink and downlink operations—to enable elimination of the previous 24/7 OCA backroom position—scheduled for FY11 (pending funding). Payback analysis indicates profit by 2015 and increased savings thereafter as the volume of ISS workflow communications increases.

OCAMS is a direct application of the Mobile Agents exploration system developed under Intelligent Systems and Exploration Technology Development Program funding, which was iteratively improved from 2003-2006 in field experiments at the Mars Desert Research Station. The open architecture and interoperability methods of the Brahms multi-agent system have been generalized to fit multiple network and security protocols at JSC mission control. OCAMS is the first application of intelligent multi-agent system technology in NASA’s Mission Control operations.

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: OCAMS is funded through an Intercenter Task Agreement between JSC/MOD and ARC-TI.

ARC-TI TEAM MEMBERS: Bill Clancey (IPA/IHMC), Maarten Sierhuis (CMU SV), Ron van Hoof (Perot Systems), Chin Seah (SGT Inc.), Mike Scott (Perot Systems), Bob Nado (SGT Inc.), and Sue Blumenberg (SGT Inc.)

JSC TEAM MEMBERS: Timothy Hall (DO48), Jason Toschlog (DO48/USA), Tyson Tucker (DO47, USA), Deborah Hood (DO47, BAR), Chris Buckley (DO48/USA), and Steve Kirk (DO46/USA)

Contact: William J. Clancey, Maarten Sierhuis

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