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OCAMS Team Receives Award from Space Station Crew and Flight Directors
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OCAMS Team Receives Award from Space Station Crew and Flight Directors

The International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 31 crew members and Lead Flight Directors have selected the Orbital Communications Adapter Management System (OCAMS) team to receive an award for their contributions to the mission. The award was given specifically for “Exceptional effort to rapidly design, develop, test, and deploy updated OCAMS software, which was used during Increment 31 to automatically find and downlink multiple terabytes of onboard imagery.”

The OCAMS “search and downlink” capability was released in June 2012; it optimizes bandwidth and eliminates manual intervention to avoid overloading file transfer programs by automatically and continuously scheduling downlinks of imagery files from any of the Space Station Computers (SSCs).

BACKGROUND: OCAMS automates routine work in manipulating files onboard ISS, enabling the consolidation of the two Mission Control Center (MCC) backroom positions. It is based on a multi-agent, service-oriented architecture for arbitrary integration of software and hardware systems through standard application programming interfaces. OCAMS runs simultaneously on multiple OCA clients that interact with the ISS file transfer program SWRDFSH, which queues requests and reports results to the software agents. OCAMS has been deployed at JSC since July 2008.

PROGRAM FUNDING: Intercenter Task Agreement between Johnson Space Center (JSC)/Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) and the Ames Intelligent Systems Division.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Sue Blumenberg (SGT Inc.), Bill Clancey (ARC/FIHMC), Mike Scott (Dell Services), Chin Seah (SGT Inc.), and Ron van Hoof (Dell Services)

COLLABORATORS: JSC: Tyler Doubrava (MS4/USA), James Hart (DD42/Lockheed Martin Corp), Claude Jenkins (DD4/Lockheed Martin Corp), Steve Kirk (DO46/USA), Paul Lansing (FDOC/Lockheed Martin Corp), Erik Madrid (DO48/Lockheed Martin Corp), Jason Mintz (DO46/USA), Dan Owen (FDOC/Lockheed Martin Corp), Jonathan Reyes (DO46/USA), Chuck Shultz (DA39/Barrios Technology), Marc Spicer (DO48), Jason Toschlog (DO48/USA), and Jenny Yang (DD42/Lockheed Martin Corp)

Contact: William J. Clancey

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