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NASA’s Technology Transfer System and Project Management Tools Receive Ames Technology Transfer Awards
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NASA’s Technology Transfer System and Project Management Tools Receive Ames Technology Transfer Awards

NASA’s Technology Transfer System (NTTS) and Project Management Tool (PMT) teams from the Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI) were honored during the 2013 NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony held on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, for scientific and technical contributions towards NASA’s technology transfer and commercialization process. The NTTS team was awarded the 2013 Patent Application Award titled “System for Performing Single Query Searches of Heterogeneous and Dispersed Databases.” The Patent Application Awards are issued when a Non-Provisional Patent Application is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), or when a patent is issued for a Divisional or Continuation in Part Patent. The PMT team was awarded the 2013 Tech Briefs Award entitled, “Enhanced Project Management Tool.” The Tech Brief Awards are issued upon documentation of approval of an article for publication in NASA’s Tech Briefs magazine ( The NTTS patent application process will be continuing onward via the USPTO, whereas the PMT tool has been awarded a patent and is currently being licensed and commercialized by a Southern California startup company.

BACKGROUND: NASA’s Technology Transfer System (NTTS) is a web-based database-driven application and framework that supports the entire NASA Agency-wide technology transfer process. NTTS contains technology data from all ten NASA field centers and Headquarters. It contains New Technology Reports (NTRs); New Technology Summary Reports (NTSRs); patents; technology commercialization reports; information about contracts, grants partnerships, and software releases; NASA Tech Briefs; technology success stories and spinoffs; waivers; awards; leads; Technology Opportunity Sheets (TOPS); and technology licenses.

The Project Management Tool (PMT) is a comprehensive, intuitive web-enabled business intelligence application tool used to assist NASA enterprises in monitoring, disseminating, and tracking the financial progress of NASA’s field centers, Mission Directorates, and specific programs and projects. The tool provides NASA’s Chief Financial Office the ability to develop an integrated Agency-phasing plan and the ability to display the data at an overarching Agency-wide level. The PMT team collects over 2,000+ phasing plans from all NASA field centers and works closely with both the Mission Directorates and field centers to provide them an opportunity to revise and approve the plans. The PMT team also produces monthly plan-versus-actual reports, exception reports, and N2-Labor reports.


  • NTTS Team Members Honored: Mohana Gurram (SGT), Chris Knight, David Maluf (formerly TI), Takeshi “Tek” Okimura (ARC-VP/Lockheed Martin), Anh Trinh (Dell), and Vu Tran (MCT)
  • PMT Team Members Honored: Jairon Moh Hashim (MCT), Chen-Jung (Jennifer) Hsu (Dell), David Maluf (formerly TI), Hemil Patel (formerly TI/Dell), and Khai (Peter) Tran


  • NTTS Team: Alex Beddis (TI/AS&M), Tom Feltman (TI/AS&M), Sumedha Garud (ARC-VP/Deltha-Critique), Robin Orans (ARC-VP), Trupti Sanghani (ARC-VP), Katie Smyth (ARC-VP/Deltha-Critique), Khai (Peter) Tran (TI), and Kelly Vail (TI/AS&M)
  • PMT Team: Herb Finger (ARC-CS/Al-Razaq), Peter Putz (TI/SGT), Jon S. Robbins (ARC-IO/ARTS), John Scholtz (ARC-CS), and Khai (Peter) Tran (TI)

NASA PROGRAM FUNDING: NTTS is funded by NASA’s Technology Transfer Program through the Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT). PMT is funded through NASA’s Chief Financial Office, field centers, Mission Directorates, and variety of customers from NASA’s programs and projects.

Contact: Khai (Peter) Tran

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