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NRC Review Hosted at NASA Ames

The National Research Council’s Review of NASA’s Aviation Safety-Related Programs was hosted at the NASA Ames Convention Center on September 3–4, 2009. Ames Research Center (ARC) and Intelligent Systems Division staff supported several elements of the review, including high-level overviews to the entire committee, and detailed breakouts that included on-site laboratory/facility visits, briefings, and discussions.

Dr. Amy Pritchett, Aeronautical Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Program Director for the Aviation Safety Program thanked all the participants who supported the review and commented that the review committee complimented all the researcher discussions and seemed quite impressed.

BACKGROUND: The National Research Council’s Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, in conjunction with the Transportation Research Board, has established an ad hoc study committee to conduct an independent review of NASA’s aviation safety-related research programs. The review shall assess whether:

  1. the programs have well-defined, prioritized, and appropriate research objectives;
  2. the programs are properly coordinated with the safety research programs of the Federal Aviation Administration and other relevant Federal agencies;
  3. the programs have allocated appropriate resources to each of the research objectives; and
  4. suitable mechanisms exist for transitioning the research results from the programs into operational technologies and procedures and certification activities in a timely manner.

This study is sponsored by NASA. The starting date for the project was December 15, 2008. The final report is planned for release in April 2010.

Ames participants included:

  • High-level overviews: Kalmanje Krishnakumar (IRAC PI), Ashok Srivastava (IVHM PI), Guillaume Brat (V&V Planning)
  • Detailed breakouts: Sandy Lozito, Mike Feary, Nhan Nguyen, John Kaneshige, Kevin Wheeler, Kai Goebel, Nikunj Oza
  • Contact: Joe Totah,

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